APS Vietnam


Did you get a letter from APS?

I don’t have any debt with APS.

The debt we’ve contacted you about may not be directly related to APS VN Limited LLC. Since we’re a debt collection company, we work with many other partners.


How can APS help me resolve my debt?

We understand that anyone can face a life situation that makes paying the full amount difficult.


I need more detailed information about my debt. What details can you give me?

We’re ready to provide you with all the information related to your debt:


I’ve been contacted by APS VN Limited LLC

What should i do?


What if I don’t have any money to pay my debt and I ignore APS?

Ignoring the situation is the worst option you can choose.


I don’t understand some information you’ve provided.

Can you clarify some things for me?


A professional approach and the ability to come up with innovative solutions
tailored to the specifics of the respective markets are a recipe for success.


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