Investment Management

APS has the expertise, experience, and resources to manage the entire investment process.

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APS acts as an investment advisor and investor, as well as a collection and asset manager related to the assets invested by our advised funds and 3rd parties. We are also present in the Real Estate investment business, expanded as a separate but complementary line to the NPL business.

APS Investment Management is engaged in complex investment advisory services with various categories of clients, from individual investors to global and supranational financial institutions, aligned in APS advised funds and accounts as well as organised as stand-alone 3rd party investors.

We have the expertise, experience, and resources to manage the entire investment process:

  1. Identifying investment opportunities across CE and SEE region.
  2. Underwriting of investment opportunities by our Transactions and Valuation teams includes in-depth due diligence, analysis and valuations of underlying collateral, resulting in the loan portfolio valuation to support pricing and investment decisions.
  3. We also cover the full bidding process on portfolios, transaction documentation and terms negotiations, and manage the process up to, and including, signing and closing.
  4. Post-closing we administer the acquired portfolios by using a variety of collection and performance management tools.
  5. The final step is successful exit, mostly related to the tail end of portfolios, tailored for local markets and their legal requirements.

Fund Management

We advise 4 investment funds, both non-regulated and regulated, as well as recognised 3rd party institutional investors dedicated to investing in non-performing loans and distressed debt situations. We advise individual institutional investors and our advised funds on the best opportunities across all distressed debt classes and all covered regions.

Average realised IRR on APS advised portfolios above 20% after all fees and collection expenses.

We provide full service throughout the entire life cycle of the investment, from origination and acquisition to the management phase. This includes periodical reporting, performance management, cash flow management and also covers other aspects of our investor relationships.

APS investment funds are tailored to address institutions and individuals with diversified capital commitments. The variety and timing of investment mandates allows us to choose the optimal targets and strategies for each investor, whilst also providing for diversification of risk. The structure of our advised funds and accounts accommodate investors seeking deal-by-deal driven discretionary decisions, as well as investors with a preference for decisions based on the commingled fund basis.


APS appoints new Regional and General Manager

Former General Manager of APS Romania Victor Angelescu is since September responsible for developing the entire CEE region as the new CEE Regional Manager of APS Holding. Among his previous greatest achievements belongs the highest ever acquisition worth of €1,3 billion. His former function takes over Robert Machidon with 8-years career in APS Romania.

APS acquire €1,3 billion NPL portfolios in Romania

The major portfolio includes secured and unsecured corporate and SME loans, with the secured positions held against mostly residential, commercial and industrial property. Closed transaction is the largest ever of its type in the South Eastern Europe region. More info is available here.

Distressed Investments CEE & CIS Forum 2016 gathered more than 100 professionals

The 2nd Annual Distressed Investments Forum held in Prague on June 8th 2016 gathered more than 100 bankers, distressed debt investors, servicers, consultants and lawyers. More info and pictures are available here.

APS adds loan portfolio of more than EUR 23 million

APS Holding a.s. is getting stronger after adding to its administration the second largest loan portfolio sold in the Czech Republic during the past 18 months. The seller is a major international financial institution. The portfolio was acquired by a subsidiary of Swiss company DDM Holding AG (DDM) and it is formed of tens of thousands of unsecured consumer loans. More info is available here.

APS Holding's Investment Director is going to attend the Workout & Restructuring conference

Viktor Levkanič, Investment director at APS Holding, is going to attend the 4th annual Workout & Restructuring conference held in Vienna on 19-20 May. Victor will moderate a panel discussion focused on current situation in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. More info is available here.