“The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you're willing to sacrifice”

Nathan W. Morris

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APS has a strong infrastructure enabling all types of collection activities. We provide amicable, field and legal collection. Our professionals handle large volumes of debts efficiently using the latest methods of receivables management.

Call Centre Collection

Thanks to the flexibility of our operational solutions and IT system we can offer:

  • Early receivables management
  • Soft debt collection (amicable)
  • Recovery of debts more than 90 days overdue

Our operators are highly trained to identify the personality of the debtor and their expected behaviour, and to then design an optimal strategy. Our primary goal is to find common ground upon which to agree a payment schedule.

Field Collection

We are capable of conducting thousands of orders per month. Activities are implemented in the period 24 hours until 14 days from the date of acceptance of an order. This is possible thanks to our domestic network of negotiators located in the places where creditors have the clients.

Motorbike Repossession

Our primary target is to agree an appropriate schedule of payments. For other situations we are equipped for repossession of motorbikes and their resale.

Skip Tracing

If there is a lack of information about a debtor, our teams of Skip Tracing specialists are ready to gather all available data and locate the person’s whereabouts.

Legal Collection

APS works in cooperation with specialised law firms. Our highly developed processes enable the shortest legal procedures possible and lead to smooth recovery in executions. At this stage of servicing, we implement all available tools and methods. Legal actions are coordinated with call center debt collection and/or field recovery.


APS appoints new Regional and General Manager

Former General Manager of APS Romania Victor Angelescu is since September responsible for developing the entire CEE region as the new CEE Regional Manager of APS Holding. Among his previous greatest achievements belongs the highest ever acquisition worth of €1,3 billion. His former function takes over Robert Machidon with 8-years career in APS Romania.

APS acquire €1,3 billion NPL portfolios in Romania

The major portfolio includes secured and unsecured corporate and SME loans, with the secured positions held against mostly residential, commercial and industrial property. Closed transaction is the largest ever of its type in the South Eastern Europe region. More info is available here.

Distressed Investments CEE & CIS Forum 2016 gathered more than 100 professionals

The 2nd Annual Distressed Investments Forum held in Prague on June 8th 2016 gathered more than 100 bankers, distressed debt investors, servicers, consultants and lawyers. More info and pictures are available here.

APS adds loan portfolio of more than EUR 23 million

APS Holding a.s. is getting stronger after adding to its administration the second largest loan portfolio sold in the Czech Republic during the past 18 months. The seller is a major international financial institution. The portfolio was acquired by a subsidiary of Swiss company DDM Holding AG (DDM) and it is formed of tens of thousands of unsecured consumer loans. More info is available here.

APS Holding's Investment Director is going to attend the Workout & Restructuring conference

Viktor Levkanič, Investment director at APS Holding, is going to attend the 4th annual Workout & Restructuring conference held in Vienna on 19-20 May. Victor will moderate a panel discussion focused on current situation in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. More info is available here.